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Hydramethylnon: An Insecticide Roaches Can't Stomach

To those people who swear by typical cockroach spray insecticides, we say, prepare to eat your words. When it comes to an effective cockroach control, there’s another kid on the block by the name of Combat®. Unlike contact spray insecticides, Combat Baits and Gels target the entire cockroach colony with a deadly formulation of hydramethylnon and an irresistible sugar-like cockroach attractant.

Cockroaches live in nests. That means killing a few roaches that you happen to see wandering around the kitchen or bathroom won’t do anything about the bigger problem lurking within the roach colony. The trick to controlling infestations of cockroaches is ensuring that enough insecticide gets to a sufficiently large enough proportion of the population.

Combat Source Kill is a carbohydrate-rich pest attractant formulated with hydramethylnon, a time-delayed poison that kills cockroaches after it’s ingested. It not only kills the pests that consume it, hydramethylnon also turns infected cockroaches’ feces and carcasses into bait as well. The time-delayed mode of action allows infected roaches the time necessary to return to the colony or harborage and infect others, killing off the nest in a devastating domino-like effect.

Technically speaking, hydramethylnon is a stomach poison to cockroaches that kills them by disrupting energy production in the cells of cockroaches.

To get the most effective use out of Combat, begin with a strategy that includes better sanitation. Reduce clutter in and around the house, and eliminate sources of food and water that provide irresistible opportunities for bugs. These simple steps are an important first step for eliminating a roach infestation and will help protect you from future infestations.

Next, place Combat Roach Baits in common areas where you see roaches and use Combat Gel to fill in cracks and crevices or use in hard-to-reach places where roaches might enter the home. Roaches will take the bait back to their colony, resulting in a domino-like killing effect that will wipe out the entire nest.

Finally, work to keep roaches out by sealing any areas where bugs could enter from outside or other units in multi-unit dwellings. In addition, check items such as boxes, cartons and grocery bags before bringing them into your home to make sure there are no cockroaches hitchhiking a ride.

If you would like more information on how Combat® Baits and Gels work and how to prevent bugs from entering your home, check out our helpful prevention video. Or click over to our Prevention Tips page.