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How to Prevent Ants from Getting in the House




They’re one of the most frustrating pests to eradicate – ants. Unlike other species of home-invading pests, ants have an uncanny knack for coming back. Countless articles and videos have been produced offering you advice on how to prevent ants from getting in the house. Yet, you still find the little critters scurrying across your kitchen counter.

The truth is, the best and only way to prevent ants from getting in the house is to kill them while they’re still outside by targeting them at their source.

Ants generally nest outside and only invade the home to gather food and water, especially when stressful weather patterns create hot (or very cold) dry conditions. These stressful conditions cause a scarcity of food and water, which is when scout ants are sent out in search of these necessities.

If you see ants in the house, it’s likely they’ve found sources of sustenance. And once the scout ants find these sources of food and water, they leave pheromone trails to guide other worker ants from the colony through any kind of opening into your home. That’s why you see ants always “marching” in a column; they’re all following a pheromone trail left by the scout ants. That’s a key piece of information when it comes to successfully preventing ants from getting in the house.

You can use those pheromone trails as locations to place Combat Baits. Combat baits contain time-delayed insecticide formulated with a carbohydrate-rich attractant that ants can’t resist. Combat’s time-delayed mode of action allows ants the time to consume Combat and bring it back to the colony to share with other ants in the nest, especially the queen.

As Combat’s deadly poison is spread throughout the colony, the entire colony will be wiped out in a devastating domino-like killing effect. Most importantly, the insecticide will also find its way to the queen, effectively killing the very source of all the ants.

Use Combat Baits in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. In addition to baits, you can also use Combat Gel in small cracks and crevices ants use to gain entry into the home. It’s also a great idea to place Combat Baits around the outside of the house every 15 to 20 feet along the foundation and anywhere ants may gain entry indoors. Plus, it’s good practice to refresh ant baits at regular 6 week intervals if baits are placed outside since ants will likely consume all the bait within the first couple of weeks.

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