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How to Prevent Ants and Roaches in your Vacation Rental

Owning a vacation rental property is a great source of additional income. But nothing turns paying customers away faster than seeing ants and roaches crawling around inside the property. It’s the food and crumbs left behind by previous vacationers that can create a pesky ant and roach infestation in no time.

Follow these six tips to ensure pests don’t bug your guests.

  1. The unit should be cleaned thoroughly and the trash properly disposed of. Food left in a garbage can will attract ants and roaches in droves. Plus, all used dishes should be cleaned and put away. Just a few dirty plates left out for too long will quickly attract ants and roaches. 
  2. Often guests will leave food behind in the pantry or cabinets. Be sure to properly discard all of it. Products like pasta, rice or flour left unsealed are bug magnets.
  3. Place Combat® baits behind appliances or along the back of cabinets and baseboards inside pantries. This will help keep the roaches and ants away from nesting in your kitchen.
  4. Use Combat gel to seal cracks insects could use as a way into the unit. Ants and roaches are attracted to food and warmth, so it’s best to prevent any way for them to get in.
  5. Remove brush and leaf piles from around your property to avoid giving insects a place to build their nests and colonies. An improperly maintained lawn can be a path into your home for insects. 
  6. While the unit is being cleaned after guests depart, ensure all faucets are completely off and not leaking. Moisture attracts cockroaches, ants and other pests so it’s important to eliminate all sources of water.

Don’t allow an ant and roach problem to spoil the fun at your vacation rental property. Stop the problem before it happens by killing ants and roaches at their source with Combat® ant and roach killing baits, gels and bait strips.

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