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How to Identify a Cockroach Problem & Steps to Resolve

If you see a roach scurrying across your kitchen counter, you clearly have a cockroach problem. But not all cockroaches are naïve enough to expose themselves. You can still have a roach problem even if you don’t see any of the little suckers, yet. It’s important to know the signs of a cockroach problem so you can start resolving it with Combat from the start!

Cockroaches are coprohagous, meaning they will eat anything and everything. They’re attracted to food and water, but they’ll ingest everything from glue to electrical wires. Being the disgusting creatures that they are, it’s no surprise that roaches leave a trail of feces. Their poop resembles coffee grounds or black pepper. The more poop you see, the more roaches you have!

Be aware of liquid stains that roaches leave behind; they’re visible and carry a strong musty odor. Keep an eye out for any type of unidentified white powder. Decaying cockroach saliva, feces, and bodies essentially turn to dust. This powder can trigger allergies and asthma attacks when inhaled.

Some species of cockroaches will leave eggs around your home. This is a clear indicator that you’re sharing your home with roaches, and that there are more to come. If you see dead cockroaches lying around, then it’s definitely time to take action for resolving your cockroach problem.

It’s important to take control of the cockroach problem in your home before it’s too late. Take the following steps to get rid of the cockroach infestation in your home:

  • Set out cockroach killing Combat Baits and Gels where you have seen cockroach remains.
  • Clean up your home and avoid leaving any uncovered food or drinks lying around. 
  • Seal all exterior cracks or openings that could invite these unwanted houseguests.

Combat Baits and Gels kill cockroaches from the source, by eliminating the nest. Kill one, kill them all!

Still not sure where to start with your cockroach problem? Utilize the Plan of Attack tool to help you create a plan tailored to your specific situation.