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How Long Do I Leave Combat Products Out?

Despite their outward differences, ants and roaches actually have plenty in common. For starters, they both love to take up residence in your home. They’re both tricky to keep out, and once they’re feeling nice and cozy, it’s tougher to get rid of them than it is your in-laws. Not to worry, with Combat products, you can even the odds in a hurry.


Tough Enemies Demand Strategic Defense


You may be familiar with sprays designed to kill pests in your home, and they’re very likely to work as advertised: they kill bugs on contact. That’s a nice selling point, but what are you going to do about the source of the problem? Cockroach nests and ant colonies are not usually out in plain sight, forcing you to remain on-guard continuously awaiting the next wave of forces. Not an ideal battle strategy, to say the least.

Combat products are designed to fool invaders in order to root out the problem where it starts. To bugs, baits and gels appear to be nothing more than delectable food, which they carry back to their home base to share with the rest of their friends. That’s when Combat kicks in, unleashing powerful insecticide that destroys the threat from the inside out. No standing guard, no mess—just results.


Employing Your Arsenal


No matter where you live or what type of infestation you’re battling, Combat has a solution for you. It’s important not only to position baits and gels strategically, but also to leave Combat products out long enough to receive their full benefits. The weapons at your disposal include:

  • Combat Bait Strips: Space-efficient and easy to apply anywhere, these strips are packed with pest-killing poison and feature adhesive backing to secure tricky areas. Combat roach bait strips should be left out for three months before replacing, and ant bait strips need to be replaced after one month of use.
  • Combat Bait Stations: Same concept, different configuration. Combat bait stations are ideal for flat surfaces, such as behind major appliances and underneath sinks. For ants, bait stations should be replaced every three months to keep infestations from reappearing or every six weeks for on-going ant problems. When it comes to roaches, bait stations should be replaced every three months or more frequently if they make their way back into your home sooner.
  • Combat Gel: For hard-to-access areas, cracks, and crevices, Combat gel delivers the same powerful results with a whole new dimension of flexibility. Indoors or out, inspect applications after one month and reapply if the bait is no longer visible. Renew your gel defense after three months for ideal results.

Devise your Plan of Attack today, and get your customized solution in six easy clicks to be on your way to a bug-free tomorrow.