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How do Combat Ant Baits Work?

Seeing ants in your home is not simply unpleasant or unappealing, it can also mean food contamination and cause other serious health issues. Because of this, the act of caring for yourself and your family requires nipping an ant problem in the bud quickly, before an infestation begins. Though you may be tempted to step on ants that you see, or spray a trail and assume that the problem is taken care of, use a solution that will eliminate the colony: Combat ant baits. Here is the information you need to know about these easy-to-use products.


How Do They Work?


Combat ant baits work on a very simple premise: target ants at the source – their colony. When you see an ant or a few ants, you are likely spotting only the tip of the iceberg, and killing these few will not eliminate the problem. Ants and other insects are drawn to food and water, therefore ant baits work by hiding a powerful insecticide inside an attractive food source that is rich in protein or sweets. How Combat ant bait products work:

  1. Ants find and consume the bait or gel
  2. Ants carry the bait and return to their nest
  3. Ants then transfer the bait to the queen and other ants thus eradicating the entire colony


Where Do You Set Them Up?


Different Combat products will be appropriate for different sorts of ants, the type of infestation you are facing, and where you want to put the bait. Ant baits are ideal for field ants, argentine ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, odorous house ants, among others. Combat’s four main ant-killing products include:

  • Combat Ant Killing Bait: This is ideal for minor ant problems such as an infrequent line of ants spotted in your kitchen. It contains hydramethylnon, a stomach poison, which is slow-acting and gives them adequate time to go back to their colony and share the bait with other worker ants, larvae and the queen(s).
  • Combat Max Ant Killing Bait: This is suited for a much larger infestation in which you require immediate relief. Fipronil, a poison targeting the central nervous system, starts killing ants that come into contact with it, then those who come into contact with the infected ant.
  • Combat Max Ant Killing Gel: This product is intended for crevices and cracks or other locations where ants could enter your home.
  • Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips: These adhesive strips work well on cabinets, walls and joists.