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How Combat’s Bait Formula Works to End Infestations

When you’re up against an ant or roach invasion, you need capable weapons at your disposal. Drug and grocery store shelves are lined with tall cans of kill-on-contact insecticides, touting their ability to take out bugs on the spot. What they don’t tell you is that the pests you can see are usually just the grunt - worker bugs sent out to do the bidding of a flourishing nest or colony thriving inside your walls.

Don’t break out the sledgehammer just yet, though. Getting to the threats lurking in the walls of your home doesn’t mean full-blown demolition - it simply means taking a more strategic approach to ant and roach warfare. The ingredients in Combat baits and gel are designed to eliminate your infestation from the inside out, turning food-seeking scavengers into carriers of insecticide, which destroy insect populations with a domino-like effect.


The Combat Difference


Combat baits and gel appear to ants and roaches as viable food sources, but, in fact, are laced with insecticide that can exterminate their colony or nest. The first, hydramethylnon, can take effect roughly 24 hours after consumption. The second, fipronil, disrupts the insect’s central nervous system.


The Battle Strategy


The goal of using these ingredients is to allow visible ants and roaches enough time to feed on the bait and return to their colony or nest with it. There, the insecticide-laced foodstuffs are consumed by the population, eradicating insect forces from within.

A wide range of weapons are available to aid you in your fight against home-invading pests:

  • Combat Bait Stations: Set these small discs in places bugs like to roam - they’ll collect the poisoned provisions and return to their home to share with fellow nestmates.
  • Combat Gel: When you need to target specific areas, use Combat Gel to get into the cracks and crevices where critters may pass through.
  • Combat Bait Strips: Featuring adhesive backing, these thin strips can be placed just about anywhere to start curbing your pest problem in a hurry.

Get to the source of the problem with Combat products—develop your Plan of Attack today to take back your home.