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How Combat Can Help Get Rid of a Cockroach Problem

When some people discover they have a cockroach problem, they grab a can of some name-brand aerosol insecticide and start spraying various places around the house where they think cockroaches might be hiding. Heck, they may see a few cockroaches die from the spray.

But the fact is, if you see one cockroach, it’s nearly guaranteed there’s a cockroach infestation somewhere in or around your house. And just spraying a can of cockroach killer isn’t going to solve the problem.

That’s because the problem isn’t what you see, but what–and more importantly, where–you don’t see it.

What makes Combat baits and gels such a potent roach insecticide is that it’s a highly efficacious poison combined with an irresistible food ingredient list that attracts cockroaches as a disguisable food source.

Once ingested, cockroaches carry Combat back to the nest. After a brief period, the roaches die and begin infecting the rest of the colony through their feces, mucus and carcasses, which the other roaches consume, causing this secondary kill.

This time-delayed mode of action is an effective way to kill roaches at the source by allowing Combat baits and gels to target cockroaches where they live with deadly accuracy and brutal efficiency. Combat creates a domino-like effect that kills cockroaches and destroys entire colonies and nests.

Combat baits are easy-to-use, mess-free and need no activation. Simply place a bait station down where you’ve seen roaches. Baits continuously target the source of the problem day and night.

Baits are great for:

  • Tops or insides of cabinets
  • Along baseboards
  • Bathroom corners

Combat gels are ideal for use in hard-to-reach places because it’s form-fitting, so you can squeeze it into the small, narrow openings that cockroaches use to enter your home.

Gels are great for:

  • Inside cracks and crevices
  • Behind refrigerators
  • Underneath sinks

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