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How Baits and Gels Work

Ants and roaches are drawn to food and water. When they find a ready supply of both, they take up residence and build their nests. If you have an ant or roach infestation, chances are that these insects have discovered a source of food and water that could complicate eradication.

The only sure way to eliminate ants and roaches is to target them at their source – with Combat® baits and gels. Combat is a highly effective ant and roach insecticide disguised as a food source. To ants and roaches, Combat’s carbohydrate-rich formulation is a delicious mixture that is irresistible.

Once ingested, the bugs infect the rest of the colony in one of two ways: ants bring it back as food to share with the rest of the colony. Roaches, on the other hand, return to their nests, die, and are eaten by other roaches further spreading the insecticide to the rest of the nest.

The result is a domino effect that kills ants and roaches at their source. Combat’s mode of action has proved highly efficacious at destroying colonies and nests. And it’s the crucial difference between Combat and typical contact insecticides like sprays and aerosols. You may experience momentary satisfaction when you spray a few bugs and watch them die. Unfortunately, that does nothing to target the rest of the problem because as long as the nest or colony remains, so too will the insect infestation.

Combat gels are a unique formulation made up of food and water to attract ants and roaches. Use gels in hard to reach areas such as along baseboards, or in cracks and crevices where pests could possibly enter your home.

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