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Home Maintenance Tip: Check for Leaks

Do your part to keep roaches and ants out of your home and out of your wallet by keeping up with home maintenance. It might surprise you to learn that checking for leaks is an effective way to prevent a pest invasion with your property becoming ground zero. Take a few tips from Combat and consider becoming a bit more diligent about taking care of any leaks you might have.

An Annoyance in More Ways Than One

Showerheads and kitchen, bathroom and bathtub faucets tend to leak, and they’re an easy problem to put off for later. But when you realize that roaches can only go a full week without water before dying, you could be a bit more motivated to take care of your leak ASAP. Another reason to take care of leaks in your home is to save money on future water bills. While Combat’s baits and gels are designed to kill roach and ant nests, they can’t keep you from wasting several thousands of gallons of water due to untended and undiscovered leaks.

Out With the Old, in With the New

Showerheads are one of the most common causes of leaks, especially if you have older plumbing. Not only can new showerheads take care of any leaks you have, but they can also make your showers that much more pleasurable. That new showerhead may also keep you from having to call a plumber, which can result in an unnecessary bill.

If it’s your bathtub spout that’s leaking, check to see if the problem is with the handle or the spout itself. You might be under the impression that the problem is behind the wall, which can result in quite a hefty cost. Always try the simplest solution before going straight to the big guns (and the equally big bucks). One thing to bear in mind with these types of leaks is they can require specialized plumbing parts, which may be out of your area of expertise. If you aren’t handy with tools or experienced with plumbing problems, you may not have any choice but to call an experienced plumber to help. Just make sure you ask her or him to check to see if the problem is with the spout or handle before looking for the source of the leak elsewhere.

It’s amazing how a simple leak can lead to a roach or ant pool party in your sink. Be sure not to neglect leaks no matter how minor they might be. And as always, Combat is here to offer more suggestions on keeping pests outside where they belong.