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Holiday Pest Prevention Tips

Seeing a sudden spike in ant and roach activity is not uncommon during the holidays. The cold weather drives pests indoors to seek warmer climates. All those candy treats and large holiday meals left sitting out create an irresistible attraction for ants and roaches.

All it takes is a small amount of effort to put in place an effective pest prevention strategy. By following these five ant and cockroach prevention tips, you can keep your home pest free for the holidays:

  1. Don’t leave food and sweets out overnight: Easily accessible sugar-rich food is the biggest reason bugs crash your holiday party. It’s okay to keep trays of treats out for guests; but just be sure to seal those goodies in airtight containers at the end of the day.
  2. Ornament boxes make great hideaways: Cockroaches love dark, undisturbed places. The boxes in the attic where you keep your holiday decorations are the perfect home for pests. When it’s time to bring out the decorations, make sure to open the boxes outside first and carefully inspect for signs of cockroaches. To prevent roaches in the future, place Combat® Ant and Roach Baits your storage spaces.
  3. Inspect greenery before bringing it inside: Real evergreen trees and wreaths look beautiful and smell heavenly, but they can also unwanted pests with them into your home. Thoroughly inspect all greenery for bugs before you purchasing. When you get it home, do all final trimming in the garage or outside, and shake it out completely before bringing into the house.
  4. Fill in cracks and crevices: Since this is the time of year when you’ll be outside hanging holiday decorations anyway, take this opportunity to seal cracks and crevices you find in walls, sidewalks and your home’s foundation. Fill these openings with Combat® Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gels, and then make sure pests stay out by sealing these gaps with cement or silicone caulk.
  5. Keep your decorations stored in heavy-duty plastic: Plan ahead for the next year by packing away your holiday decoration boxes in thick, chew-proof plastic to prevent ants and cockroaches from moving in. Make sure to keep your decoration boxes stored in areas that will remain dry for the duration of the year.

For more information on how Combat® Baits and Gels work and how to prevent ants and roaches from entering your home and ruining the holiday festivities, check out our helpful prevention video, or visit our Prevention Tips page.

Happy Holidays!