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Holiday Cockroach Prevention

Imagine your house is full of family who has traveled from near and far for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone’s ready to sit down for a nice meal; the turkey is carved, potatoes are mashed, and the bread is cut. You’re getting ready to pass the salad, when you notice a brown round spot that is definitely not an olive. Next thing you know, there’s another one scuttling across the dining room table and your guests have realized what’s just happened. No one wants to fall victim to a cockroach infestation, especially when their house is full of guests they’ve actually invited! Don’t let this scene play out at your home this holiday season, take the necessary steps for proper cockroach prevention.

Make sure roaches don’t find their way into your home this fall by removing any dead vegetation around your home. Create a barrier against insects by keeping bushes, trees, and mulch at least one foot away from the area surrounding your house. Seal any cracks or crevices in walls, around doors, or near windows. Lastly, fill unnecessary tree holes in your yard. Both ants and cockroaches love to live in all of these murky areas. Eliminating their chance to nest will help ensure they do not enter your house.

However if cockroaches do find a way into your home, don’t let them overstay their unwanted welcome. Keep your home roach-free by removing anything that may entice them to stick around. Simple tasks such as keeping trash cans closed, repairing leaky sinks, and cleaning up food messes can do wonders for making sure roaches stay out and away from your home.

Rest assured and add Combat Baits and Gels to your cockroach prevention plan. Baits and gels kill the roaches you see, and the hundreds that can be hiding in your walls. Combat eliminates from the source, and kills the entire nest. With Combat in your arsenal, roaches don’t stand a chance.