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Getting Rid of Roaches

The washing machine made doing laundry more convenient. The vacuum made floor cleaning more convenient. And when it comes to getting rid of roaches, you won’t find a more convenient roach killer than Combat Baits and Gel.

Combat works 24/7, targeting cockroaches where they live, while you’re off doing more enjoyable things with your time. You may think spray insecticides are the best at getting rid of roaches. The problem with that notion is that spray and aerosol insecticides kill on contact. That means you’d constantly need to be on the job, can of bug spray in hand, waiting for cockroaches to scamper out from their hiding places.

Even if you were willing to do that, you’d only be killing the bugs you see while thousands of other cockroaches remain breeding and multiplying deep in the heart of the roach nest – which doesn’t sound very convenient.

Unlike spray insecticides, Combat Baits and Gel are not contact killers. Instead, Combat is formulated with irresistible, carbohydrate-rich attractants. Bugs readily ingest Combat and bring it back to the nest where their sputum, feces and carcasses spread the poison, dispatching the entire cockroach infestation in a domino-like effect. This colony-targeting mode of action is what makes Combat an effective roach killing solution.

Plus, Combat baits and gels aren’t messy like sprays. Aerosol insecticides can leave a grimy film on surfaces where it’s sprayed. Besides being unsightly, insecticide residue could also be potentially hazardous to pets and small children. With Combat, you simply place baits in areas where you’ve seen cockroach activity. No mess, no residue. And Combat has been specifically designed to target cockroaches. In fact, it has been shown to have a low order of toxicity in other mammals such as household pets.

Placing Combat Baits in multiple locations simultaneously can accelerate overall cockroach control. In addition, you can use Combat Gel for hard to reach areas, such as behind refrigerators or to fill in cracks and crevices where you suspect cockroaches may be entering the home from the outside.

Another great pest control product from Combat is the Roach Killing Bait Strips product. These thin, unobtrusive strips feature an adhesive backing which lets you easily apply them where neither baits or gels are suitable, such as the underneath side of garbage can lids. They are easy to apply with no mess and no fuss.

While Combat Baits, Gels and Bait Strips are effective pest control products on their own. When these products are used in combination with each other, they make a deadly pest control defense system that gets rid of roaches at their source and makes sure bugs are dead.

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