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Get Rid of Ants with Killing Bait Strips

When ants invade your home, it’s time to fight back. If you have an ant problem, chances are these pesky and unpredictable pests have discovered a steady food and water supply in your home. Combat has two great products to get rid of ants: baits and gels. With the same great ant-killing formula found in Combat’s gels, we’ve added a secret weapon to the pest-prevention arsenal with new Ant Killing Bait Strips. The discreet strips offer a solution to kill ants while being placed in subtle, unnoticeable locations.

Ant Killing Bait Strips have an adhesive backing, making it easier to place out of sight and reach of children and pets. The thin and discreet strips can be placed in hidden locations leaving your pest battle unseen from summer guests. Bait strips leave no-mess behind and are easy to apply. To use, simply break apart the strips, peel the adhesive backing away, and place in preferred location.

In addition to utilizing new Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips (as a preventative measure and to get rid of ants) follow these quick tips to prevent an ant invasion:

  • Clean up food and water spills right away
  • Wipe up fallen food particles on countertops, stovetops, and inside microwaves daily
  • Sweep and vacuum the kitchen floor regularly
  • Scrub inside trash bins to get rid of sticky residue that attract pests
  • Rinse soda cans, beer bottles, and pet food cans thoroughly before recycling

With Combat Baits, Gels and Bait Strips, you have the complete arsenal kit for total ant control. For more tips, directions of use and information, visit the Combat Killing Bait Strips page. To learn more, view our “5 Ways to Outsmart Ants” video to keep ants from bugging you.