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Five Tips to Completely Purge Your Cockroach Problem

If you’re asking yourself if you have a cockroach problem, the answer is probably yes. After all, you wouldn’t be asking unless you saw a cockroach or two scampering about the kitchen or pantry floor. And if you see one or two bugs, you can be certain there are many others you don’t see.

The good news is you can eradicate your cockroach problem with the right kind of cockroach killers: Combat Baits and Gels. Combat doesn’t kill roaches immediately. Instead Combat relies on an effective, time-delayed mode of action. To cockroaches, Combat appears to be a sweet, carbohydrate-rich food source. After consuming the bait which contains a small amount of poison, infected roaches bring it back to the colony where it’s spread around, quickly killing off the whole colony in a sweeping, domino-like effect.

To enhance Combat’s overall efficacy, incorporate these five tips into your overall cockroach killing strategy:
1. Eliminate sources of water and food. The reason cockroaches take up residence in the home is because they’ve found an easy and abundant source of food and water. The key is to deny pests the resources they need to survive by thoroughly cleaning up spilled food, dropped crumbs, and other messes around the house.
2. Keep food in tightly sealed plastic containers. Always keep food that’s been open in airtight, re-sealable containers. Keep them stored in the refrigerator or in cabinets after each use.

3. Always leave a clean kitchen before going to bed. After a long, exhaustive day, it’s tempting to just relax after dinner and leave the kitchen duty until next morning. Unfortunately, dirty dishes left in the sink overnight is exactly what will draw pests out of the woodwork. It only takes a few minutes to clean up the kitchen, and yet it will have such a positive impact in eliminating cockroaches and other pests.

4. Eliminate sources of standing water. Cockroaches can survive quite a while without food, but they can only live for a week or so without water. That’s why it is paramount to purge any sort of standing water source. Maintain repairs on leaky pipes or water basins, and eliminate any areas where water collects into small puddles - either inside or outside the home.

5. Replace Combat Baits and Gels every three months. If you notice that the baits you placed are empty, replace them with fresh baits. Empty baits are a sure indicator that Combat is working. When baits appear to go untouched for several months, that’s a good indication you’ve brought your roach problem under control.

For more great tips, advice and information, please explore the Combat® video archive to learn more about the difference between Combat Baits and Gels, and which is the best product for your cockroach problem. Be sure to click over to our Prevention Tips page to prevent cockroaches from coming back.