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Exterminate Cockroaches with Combat

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in homes and businesses today. Thanks to the killing power of Combat® Gels, Baits, and new Killing Bait Strips, you have an arsenal of products to choose from to exterminate cockroaches at the source.

Unlike sprays that only kill the cockroaches you see, Combat® products destroy roaches where they breed and multiply – in their nests. When roaches return to their nests, the deadly insecticide is spread to other roaches, wiping out the nest at its source.

Combat® has a variety of products to help build your arsenal for the war against roaches. The product for your situation may vary depending on type of cockroach and the location of the infestation.


Combat® Gels

Combat® Gels are the ideal bait to use in difficult-to-reach places around your home. As a form-fitting substance, you can squeeze it into the small, narrow openings that cockroaches use to enter your home. Combat gel kills both large and small cockroaches at the source.

Gels work best for hard-to-reach areas, such as:

  • Behind refrigerators
  • Underneath sinks
  • Inside cracks and crevices


Combat® Baits

Combat® Baits are easy-to-use, mess-free and need no activation. Simply place a bait station down where you’ve seen roaches and relax as the baits continuously target the source of the problem day and night. The formula in the roach baits give roaches time to return to their nest so that the poison is spread and roaches are exterminated in the colony.

Baits are great for:

  • Tops or insides of cabinets
  • Along baseboards
  • Bathroom corners


New Combat® Killing Bait Strips

New Combat® Killing Bait Strips are a thin and discreet bait with an adhesive backing for maximum versatility. They can be placed out of reach of kids and pets, and bait strips are easy to apply without a mess. Simply break strips apart, peel away the adhesive backing away, and stick in desired location.

Bait Strips are ideal for:

  • Underside of garbage can lids
  • Underside of above-sink cabinets
  • Inside drawers
  • Underside of shelves
  • Along window sills
  • Anywhere discretion is desired

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