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Exterminate at the Source

When you see cockroaches skitter across the kitchen floor when you turn on the lights, your first instinct is to reach for the spray insecticide. The fact is, however, aerosol bug sprays are not the most efficient way to get rid of roaches.

The best way to get rid of ants and cockroaches is to target them at their source – and that’s exactly how Combat® Ant and Roach Baits and Gels work. Combat is a stealthy ant and roach killer. Rather than kill on contact, Combat is engineered to lure ants and roaches with an irresistible formulation that is ingested then carried back to the main colony.

As ants and roaches spread Combat among the rest of the bugs in the colony, the highly effective insecticide inside Combat takes control and exterminates the entire pest population within 4 to 48 hours. Effective

Spray insecticides always come up short because they have no way to provide pest control at the source – in the colony where pests breed. Sure, aerosol sprays offer immediate gratification by killing ants and roaches on contact, but this does nothing to exterminate the colony where the real pest infestation exists.

In addition to placing Combat Baits and Gels in key areas, here are some other tips to make your plan of attack much more effective:

  • Eliminate leaks – Ants and roaches are attracted to water
  • Clear debris – Keep interior and exterior areas free of food, crumbs, and other debris
  • Change baits regularly – Monitor the baits you’ve placed and change them every 3 – 6 months
  • Use both baits and gels simultaneously – Used in combination, Combat Baits and Gels have proven to be highly effective at destroying colonies and controlling pest problems
  • Other tips & strategies – For more great information, please visit our Prevention Tips page

Every situation is unique. The best way to eliminate your ant or roach problem is with a customized pest control strategy. You can create a made-to-order plan of attack by answering just a few short questions here.

In addition, please visit the Combat® video archive to learn more about the difference between Combat Baits and Gels versus aerosol spray insecticides.