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Determining the Best Bait or Gel for Your Roach Problem

Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and there are well over 3,500 different species. Fortunately, home and apartment residents in North America only need worry about the four most common types of roaches: German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and Brown Banded cockroaches.

But even four types of cockroaches are four too many. That’s why you need good information, a solid plan, and effective products to get rid of roaches once and for all. Combat® Baits and Gels are tailored to your specific roach problem and can help kill roaches at the source.

The most common type of large roaches, Oriental Cockroaches, tend to live in parts of the Northwestern, Midwestern and Southern United States. The only sure way to exterminate these large roaches entirely is to kill them at their source. In common areas where you see roaches, you’ll want to use Combat® Source Kill Max Large Roach Bait. For cracks, crevices, and other small openings that pests use to enter the home, use Combat® Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel.

But what if you have a roaches in the kitchen? Or roaches in the bathroom? And how would you know whether roaches are Oriental, American, German or Brown Banded? These are all excellent questions and here are a few steps to help find a solution to your roach problem.

  1. Determine the type of roach you have in your house or apartment on our Pest Identifier page. If your roaches are longer than one inch, they’re considered large roaches and you’ll need to use Combat® products for large roaches to rid them at the source.
  2. Next, head over to the Product Fast Finder page, which will help you determine the most effective Combat product to control your roach problem.
  3. Or, discover your personal Plan of Attack, which will help match your roach problem with the perfect Combat solution.
  4. Lastly, now that you know your plan of defense, find the nearest retailer and purchase your Combat solution to get rid of roaches once and for all.

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