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If you run across ants or roaches inside of your home, don’t run away screaming in fright. You need to get to the source quickly, or you could end up with an infestation problem that can rapidly escalate beyond your ability to control. No one should have to live with ants and roaches inside of their home – so be sure to get the right products to get a handle on the situation before it’s too late.

Safety, effectiveness and affordability are probably the first things that run through your mind when shopping for pest control products. Combat baits and gels are a safer, effective solution for dealing with your ant or cockroach problem.

Combat bait stations can be set up in mere minutes. Simply remove them from the packaging and place them in problem areas such as under sinks, appliances and behind toilets. If you’re using bait strips, remove the paper covering the adhesive and put the strips in your drawers, closets, on shelves and anywhere else you need to discreetly prevent ants and roaches. After cracks and crevices are caulked, Combat gel should be applied to keep ants and roaches away. What makes Combat ant and roach baits even better is that you can save money by using our seasonal coupon.

Once you eliminate the ants and roaches from your home, take these prevention measures to keep them away:

• Regularly inspect behind your appliances for signs of infestation – heat attracts ants and roaches.
• Clean your furniture, especially in between your sofa and chair cushions often.
• Remove clutter to eliminate hiding places for pests.
• Keep your trash can closed and take it out often to avoid having trash sit inside your home.
• Do not keep wet or damp dishes in drawers or shelves - ants and roaches are attracted to dark and damp places.