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Combat Baits & Gels - The Ultimate Roach Killer

Talk to just about any professional exterminator about eliminating serious roach problems and chances are they’ll recommend roach baits as the ultimate roach killer. And among bait roach killers, Combat stands alone.

What makes Combat baits and gels the ultimate cockroach killer is the unique formula combining a deadly insecticide with an irresistible, protein-rich food attractant. Roaches foraging for food and water sources will locate and feed on the bait and gel. After consuming Combat, roaches bring the poison back to the colony and spread it around the nest in the form of sputum, feces and carcasses.

Other cockroaches in the colony quickly feed on this poisoned debris. And in a dramatic, domino-like effect, a wave of decimation sweeps through the cockroach nest, killing all the roaches, including reproducing females. That’s the kind of roach killing effectiveness you just won’t find with typical spray insecticides.

The biggest difference between spray insecticides and Combat is that sprays have no way to provide pest control at the source – at the colony level where pests breed. Aerosol sprays kill cockroaches on contact, but their poison doesn’t reach down into the nest to exterminate the whole population. As long as the nest still exists, so will your cockroach infestation.

Combat has a variety of roach killer products to eliminate your pest problem. Combat® baits are easy to use, mess-free and need no activation. Simply place a bait station down where you’ve seen roaches and the bait will continuously target the source of the problem day and night. Combat baits are great for:

  • Tops or insides of cabinets
  • Along baseboards
  • Bathroom corners

Combat® Gel is the ideal bait to use in difficult-to-reach places around your home. As a form-fitting substance, you can squeeze it into the small, narrow openings that cockroaches use to gain entry in the house. Combat gel kills both large and small cockroaches at the source. Combat gel is great for:

  • Behind refrigerators
  • Underneath sinks
  • Inside cracks and crevices

In addition to placing Combat baits and gels in key areas, here are some other tips to ensure the effectiveness of your roach killer strategy:

  • Eliminate leaks – Roaches are attracted to water
  • Clear debris – Keep interior and exterior areas free of food, crumbs, and other debris
  • Change baits regularly – Monitor the baits you’ve placed and change them every 3 – 6 months
  • Use both baits and gel simultaneously – Used in combination, Combat baits and gel have proven to be highly effective at destroying colonies and controlling cockroach problems

For more information on how Combat® baits and gel work and how to prevent bugs from entering your home, check out our helpful prevention video or click over to our Prevention Tips page.