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Combat Baits and Gels – A Weapon for Odorous House Ant Control

When you’re up against odorous house ants (Tapinoma sessile), you’re up against a truly tough opponent. T. sessile, or odorous house ants, have been observed to continue living and working with little hindrance, despite suffering severe injuries. With that kind of fortitude, you know you’ve got your work cut out for you when you’re looking for an effective insecticide for odorous house ant control.

Odorous house ants are medium-sized, approximately 1/8 inch long. They are generally uniform brown to black in color. And they can be easily identified by the rotten coconut odor they release when crushed, hence the name. These stinkpots live in various nesting sites, usually outdoors but have been known to nest indoors as well. They will make shallow nests in stacks of materials, such as wood, rock, or cardboard, or under rocks and boards. When nesting indoors, they usually locate the nest where they will have easier access to sources of water, such as in wall voids, around hot-water pipes and heaters.

The key to complete odorous house ant control is to kill the entire colony, which can be accomplished by targeting their source - the heart of the colony where the queen–or queens–lives. And until the queen is eliminated, odorous house ants will continue to reappear in the house foraging for food and water, which they will bring back and share with the queen and other ants so that the colony continues to live.

Odorous house ants are mostly attracted to sweet substances, like honeydew or sugary liquids like soda pop. Scout ants will forage for food and water sources both day and night, in nearly any kind of climate. But knowing what odorous house ants are searching for is your key to developing an effective odorous house ant control strategy. And that’s where Combat products fit in.

Combat Baits and Gels are designed to attract odorous house ants with a tantalizing, carbohydrate-rich formulation that also contains deadly poison. Scout ants find the Combat baits or gels you’ve strategically placed, and they bring the formula back to the hidden colony. The queen and other members of the colony consume Combat and within just a few short weeks, Combat wipes out the entire colony in a sweeping, domino-like effect.

To reinforce your odorous house ant control strategy, keep plants and piles of debris (where odorous house ants like to nest outside) at least a foot or more away from your home. And eliminate sources of food and water by repairing water leaks, not over watering plants, immediately cleaning up food spills, and storing food in tightly sealed containers.

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