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Combat Ants With These Handy Prevention Tips

When many people think of households pests, they imagine mice, rats, or cockroaches. These are certainly some of the most visible and destructive, but ants are among the most common of all household pests. Unsightly, numerous, and potentially destructive in their own right, homeowners need to know what to do to prevent ants from showing up where they are not wanted. You can combat ants with a combination of preventive measures and elimination strategies. These strategies can be affordably implemented in houses, apartments, and places of business.

Identify Sites Attracting Ants


Most ant species are attracted to fats, grease, starches, and sugars. This means any site where food is stored, prepared, or disposed of is a prime target for ant activity. Kitchens and pantries are high on this list of potential locations, but there are many others that should be remembered. These include:

• Lower kitchen drawers and shelves where old boxes of food have been forgotten
• Narrow spaces behind kitchen appliances where food particles collect
• Upper cabinets where spilled food residue cannot be easily seen
• Desk drawers where snacks are kept
• Office kitchens and break rooms
• Guest room trash cans and other receptacles that are infrequently emptied

Keep in mind that not all ants are most frequently seen in food-rich environments. Some ants, such as pavement ants, are most ordinarily seen in the small crevices of cracked concrete. Building foundations, unfinished basements, window wells, sidewalks, and driveways are common sites for these ants even though they enjoy the same fatty and sweet foods that other ant species like.


Develop an Ant Control Strategy


If ant activity is detected, you will need to take steps to control the population. Ant populations quickly grow out of control and can damage food storage through contamination. Use one of our ant identification guides or informational videos to determine which kind of Combat ant product might be best suited for the kind of insect species currently active on your property. If you are unable to definitively identify the ant species, consider using Combat gel bait products as these are formulated to work effectively against many different kinds of ants.

Gel bait is easily placed into small cracks and crevices so ants come into contact with it as they enter your home. The substance is form-fitting, so it fills the cracks and prevents ants from simply walking around the gel.

Gel bait continues working for one month, after which it can be cleaned up. For on-going pest prevention, re-apply gel every month after initial product application.