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Combat® Ant Baits - Backyard BBQ Pest Prevention

Few experiences are more cherished than the fun and togetherness shared by friends and family during summertime cookouts. Nothing stirs the anticipation of the backyard-entertaining season like the wonderful smell of delicious barbeque wafting in the air.

But before your backyard BBQ season gets into full swing, you should stock up on Combat ant bait to help keep uninvited guests from spoiling your fun. Of course, by “uninvited guests” we mean ants. Although ants may only seem like a mere annoyance, they can contaminate food and disrupt all of your well-planned festivities.

Grilling meat, sugary drinks, sweet fruit cut into small pieces… these are the kind of things that are not only plentiful at backyard soirées, but are also the most enticing for pests like ants.

That’s why Combat ant baits are formulated with both a highly effective poison combined with a carbohydrate-rich attractant. This powerful ant killer draws foraging scout ants to the bait, who then return to the ant colony bringing with them Combat’s deadly insecticide. Within a short time Combat’s lethal poison is spread throughout the nest, wiping out the entire colony in a devastating domino-like killing effect.

For most effective use, place ant baits where ants can easily find them, but avoid placing them in areas accessible to pets and small children. For example, place ant baits near nests, on ant trails beneath plants, or along edges where ants travel. Space them every 10 to 20 feet around the outside foundation and at nest openings if those can be found. And it’s good practice to refresh ant baits regularly since ants will likely consume all the bait within the first couple of weeks.

It’s also a great idea to serve food and beverages indoors if possible, and let guests bring food outdoors. It’s best to keep food sealed in containers or covered whenever possible, and wipe tabletops frequently. Bring utensils and dishware indoors shortly after the meal. And dispose of trash in closed garbage containers, keeping receptacles a good distance from where guests are gathered.

Always read the label on the product before buying or using to be sure the usage you need is covered. Combat Ant Baits are effective against common household ants, including: Argentine, Black Carpenter, Little Black, Cornfield, Odorous House, and Pavement ants.

Make sure your backyard BBQ parties go off without a hitch this summer. Use Combat ant baits inside and outside your house so that the good times never get overrun by bugs.

For more ant information, visit our prevention tips page or view our “5 Ways to Outsmart Ants” video to keep ants from bugging you.