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Cockroach Prevention: 11 Tips to Stop Cockroaches this Bug Season

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure … or so saying goes. But when it comes to cockroach prevention, the facts bear out the wisdom.

If you see one or two cockroaches scuttling around the floor, chances are pretty good you have a cockroach infestation. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to rid your house of pests, but in the end, it’ll show just how important proper cockroach prevention is.

Follow these 11 tips for effective cockroach prevention and you won’t have to deal with bigger cockroach problem later on.

  1. Cockroaches eat almost anything so keep all uneaten food sealed in airtight containers
  2. Be sure to clean crumbs and spilled liquids from all surfaces promptly.
  3. Thoroughly rinse beverage containers like soda cans before disposing as the sugary sweet residue is a huge attractant to bugs.
  4. Don’t leave dirty dishes overnight in the sink – it’s always best to wash, rinse and put away dinnerware before leaving the house for the day or going to bed at night.
  5. Keep the inside of your house clutter-free by eliminating piles of papers and magazines, and disposing of empty boxes.
  6. Be sure to vacuum or sweep regularly, especially in and around the kitchen where crumbs and other food particles can become a source of food for cockroaches.
  7. Check all bags and boxes being brought in from outside as cockroaches are known for hitching a ride and gaining entry into the house by hiding inside containers.
  8. Seal all exterior openings and cracks with a good silicone-based caulk, especially around doors and window frames.
  9. Keep all outside vegetation neatly trimmed and away from touching the house
  10. Be sure not to stack piles of logs, wood, refuse or other debris near the outside of your house – these debris piles create havens for cockroaches who then move indoors scavenging for food and warmth.
  11. Use Combat baits and gel – it’s the ideal insecticide for cockroach prevention because it remains active for months at a time and kills cockroaches at their source.

Combat baits and gels should be part of any effective cockroach prevention strategy because they combine a cockroach poison with an irresistible food attractant that bugs love. Once ingested, cockroaches carry the poison back to the nest, infecting the rest of the colony through their feces and carcasses.

This time-delayed mode of action creates a domino-like effect that targets cockroaches at their source –in the nest. Combat has a long, proven history of killing and controlling roaches. And when used regularly, Combat baits and gels are a great tool for first-line cockroach prevention defense.

For more great tips, advice and information, please explore the Combat® video archive to learn more about the difference between Combat Baits and Gels, and which is the best solution for your pest prevention strategy.