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Child Safety with Combat Ant Baits

Having ants in your home may just seem like a pesky problem, but you shouldn’t have to deal with any more house guests than you bargained for. You need a pest product that can eliminate ants without having any effects on your family. As a parent, keeping your children safe is your top priority. Combat Ant Baits and Gels kill from ants the source, without causing any harm to your children. When you have an ant infestation on your hands, you need to take action quickly and eliminate the colony.

Start by storing baits and gels out of reach from children. Limiting their access to pest products will help keep your children out of harm’s way. Keep products in their original packaging, and in a locked cabinet or garage. Once packaging is opened, do not try to pry bait stations apart. The station separates your children from the bait. Ants are able to pass through bait stations, without your children having access.

Avoid placing Combat Ant Baits and Gels near your children’s toys or areas where they like to play. If these areas attract ants, simply move your children’s belongings to a new area until the ants have been eliminated. Inquisitive children may be tempted to play with bait strips or stations if they are found among their toys. Keeping baits and gels out sight will help keep them out of mind.

Strictly follow all directions provided on the label. Be sure to use the amount as directed, and as often as suggested. Following directions carefully help ensure your children’s safety around pest products.

Combat Ant Baits and Gels were developed with a small amount of active ingredient. This active ingredient is targeted towards ants, not your children. However, it is possible that your children may come into contact with Combat Ant Baits and Gels. If this occurs, please contact the Combat Information Helpline at 1-800-426-6228 or contact your personal pediatrician.

You shouldn’t have to put your children in the crossfire when fighting the war against ants. Ensure your children’s safety by taking precautionary steps, and using Combat Ant Baits and Gels as directed.