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Be Sure to Clean Up Gel After Use

Effectively controlling household pest activity is simple and easy with products like Combat Defense System. This simple gel and bait combination works on both large and small roaches to efficiently cut back population growth of both major roach varieties found in North American homes. Place the bait stations wherever you have seen roach activity. Place the gel product into cracks, crevices, and other narrow spaces, it will continue to provide defense against new pest population growth. Combat Defense System’s effectiveness in indoor and outdoor settings should be inspected after approximately one month. If the gel is no longer visible, reapply as needed. Every 3 months, it is time to clean up old gel deposits, even if you plan on laying a new application. This task takes only minutes and requires no special tools.

Develop a Pest Prevention Map of Your Property


To help ensure that you are cleaning up and replacing each gel bait deposit, consider making a list or small map to record your pest prevention efforts. Note what kind of pest prevention was used at each point and the date it was deployed. Roach activity frequently occurs in locations such as:

  • Cracks in concrete, especially near building foundations
  • Narrow spaces behind furniture and appliances
  • Quiet corners of pantries and broom closets
  • Near garbage cans and other trash receptacles


Cleaning Up Old Gel Bait


Use your pest control map to revisit the spots where gel bait was originally placed. If any of the gel is still visible, it can be easily wiped off surfaces with a damp paper towel or other disposable cleaning item. Any rag that is used to clean up pest control products should be disposed of after use. Do not use any utensil or other item involved in food prep to clean up old gel or to apply fresh product. Gel bait product should not be applied in areas recently sprayed with insecticide; avoid spraying insecticide on top of the gel as this may reduce the product’s effectiveness.

Once the old gel bait has been cleaned up, use a tube of new gel to refresh the same spots approximately three months after the date of initial application. Deploy additional gel at any other locations that pest activity has been noted.


On-Going Protection You Can Trust


Combat Defense System is a convenient form of at-home pest control that is easy to use and simple to clean up. Use a list or simple map to keep track of where and when gel and bait station are deployed, and you will have no trouble ensuring that your home and property are free from bothersome roach activity.