Baits and Gels vs. Spray

Don´t single them out ….

Baits-Gels vs Sprays

When you compare spray and aerosol insecticides to Combat baits and gels, what you are looking at is the difference between short-lived satisfaction and long-term control. If your real goal is to eliminate a pest infestation completely, you have to target its source: the nest or the colony.

Unlike spray insecticides, Combat roach and ant baits are attractants. That is, they’re engineered to lure ants and roaches with a tempting formulation that, to pests, appears to be a delicious, irresistible, carbohydrate-rich food source. However, contained within this mixture is a deadly, highly efficacious insecticide that, once ingested, can eliminate pests at the source.

The interval between ingestion and death gives ants and roaches the time necessary to carry the insecticide back to the main colony where it’s spread amongst the rest of the pests. As the poison spread throughout the colony, a domino effect begins to occur resulting in destruction of the entire colony. It’s this mode of action that allows Combat to target the source of pest infestations, and has been proven to be very effective in long-term control.

Spray and aerosol insecticides, on the other hand, are repellants, designed to kill on contact. While they provide short-lived satisfaction by killing the insects you see, they do nothing to solve the larger issue of a pest infestation you cannot see. In other words, as long as the nest or colony remains untouched, your pest problem will persist.

Placing Combat ant and roach baits in multiple locations simultaneously can accelerate overall control. Combat ant and roach gels are a unique formulation consisting of food, water and insecticide that is especially well-suited for hard to reach areas, such as behind refrigerators, or for use in cracks and crevices where you suspect pests may be entering the house from the outside.

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