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7 Facts about Combat® Gels for Total Pest Control

People continue to use Combat® Gels for ants and roaches because they work so well for total pest control. Yet, for many happy Combat® Gel customers, knowing how Combat® Gels work to eliminate ant and cockroach infestations is a complete mystery.

We thought it was about time to reveal the facts about Combat® Gels, and shed light on the reasons why it’s one of the top pest control methods in the market. 

1) Unlike spray insecticides that kill the pests you see, Combat® Gels target ants and roaches at the source with a time-delayed mode of action that is effective at eliminating the colony.
2) Combat® Gels are formulated with carbohydrate-rich food and water attractants that ants and roaches find irresistible.
3) Combat® Gels are an insect nerve poison that kills bugs by contact and ingestion; insects carry the poison back to the nest with them. This allows for a high secondary nest kill, ultimately controlling your ant and cockroach infestation.
4) The flexible properties of Combat® Gels make them ideal for filling oddly sized and shaped cracks and crevices that would otherwise provide ants and roaches with an entry point into the house.
5) Combat® Gels are the perfect answer to use along baseboards where solid roach bait stations may be too conspicuous for houseguests.
6) Combat® Gels can be a very effective first-line defense adjacent to the house when used on patios, decks, driveways, and under eaves. However, gels can lose their efficacy if they get wet or are placed in direct sunlight.
7) Once applied, Combat® Gels stay put. That’s an important advantage for a successful pest control strategy.

For more tips, directions of use and information, visit the Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel page or the Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel page. To learn more, view our video: Combat® Baits and Gels to determine best solution to prevent pests from bugging you.