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5 Ways to Outsmart Roaches

Cockroaches have long terrorized human beings thanks to their unsettling appearance and their ability to pop up at unexpected and often inopportune times (like when you’re hosting a dinner party). As unpleasant as they may be, however, the fact that they have persevered since the prehistoric era means there is little hope they’ll become extinct anytime soon. That being said, they aren’t necessarily the brightest creatures, and that’s why we at Combat have come up with five key ways to outsmart them and ultimately keep them out of your home.

  • 5. Keep a keen eye out for roach droppings, which are a key sign of an infestation.

    Roach droppings look something like spilled pepper, so if you’re seeing small piles or patches pop up in your kitchen, bathroom or other areas of your home, it’s time to formulate a plan to drive them out.

    3. Deny them easy access to food by keeping your kitchen sink clear of food, dirty dishes and crumbs.

    Cockroaches are almost always in search of water and food, so the less you leave at their disposal, the better. Clean up any dirty dishes immediately and avoid leaving them in the sink where they’ll entice roaches.

    1. Use Combat’s line of baits and gels to expand your arsenal and eliminate any remaining roach problems.

    While sealing cracks, keeping your kitchen clean and eliminating water sources will all help reduce the growth of a roach infestation, you still need to get rid of any that made their way into your home before you took these preventative steps. Combat’s line of baits and gels are designed to serve this purpose, and they’ll help you eliminate your roach problem easily and effectively.

    For more on how to rid your home of roaches and other annoying and unsightly pests, visit our Prevention Tips page today.

  • 4. Seal any small cracks that roaches may be using to enter your home.

    Roaches can fit through surprisingly small spaces, so even the slightest crack or opening in a wall, window, cabinet or pipe could quickly become a roach super highway. Use a caulking gun or something similar to seal off any openings of any size in your kitchen, bathroom or other affected areas of your home.

    2. Eliminate any and all standing water sources.

    While roaches are constantly seeking food and water sources, they can actually survive far longer without food than they can without water. Thus, you want to immediately remedy any leaks or other problems you may have with standing water if you wish to effectively keep roaches at bay and without a water source.