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5 Ways to Outsmart Ants

Ants are surprisingly intelligent organisms, although they don’t look like it. Though an individual insect might not be very powerful, a nest of thousands or even millions of ants can behave in complex ways and find ways to infest your home. As smart as an ant colony may be, though, humans are even smarter—as this video demonstrates. Here are the top five ways that you can outsmart ants.


1. Seal Entries


First of all, seal off all cracks and gaps in your home so that ants can’t get in in the first place. Be sure that everything is thoroughly caulked, and the ants will have a very hard time even getting inside. This will prevent the infestation from starting.


2. Eliminate Food


Next, make sure that you aren’t providing food for the ants; if there’s nothing to feed them, they’ll have no reason to come. Ants are especially attracted to things that are sticky and sweet, like honey, sugar, juice, and fruit. Make sure that all containers are sealed and wipe up any spills as soon as they occur.


3. Cut Off Water


Ants don’t just need to eat, they need to drink. By eliminating sources of water, you can cut off another one of their lifelines. Make sure that you fix any leaks, clean up any spills, and eliminate wet or moist spots. Be especially vigilant in the bathroom and kitchen.


4. Prevent Nesting Sites


You can avoid a lot of trouble if you can prevent certain ant species from nesting in your home. They prefer sites behinds walls, cabinets, window and door frames and beneath floors and concrete slabs. Make sure that you take care and replace window seals and screens that have become worn, and repair any cracks or breaks in walls, floors or foundation.


5. Outthink the Colony


The first four tips are all great ways to make your house less hospitable to ants, but how do you go about targeting the colony and source of your problems? This can be tricky because you might not know where the colony is or how to remove it. Luckily, there’s a sneaky solution—let the ants do the work for you! Combat baits and gels are designed so that there is a short delay before the ants are killed, with a special formula that makes the ants think it’s food. This gives them the opportunity to pick up the poison and carry it back to the nest. Once that happens, the entire colony will die, eating deadly food and coming in contact with poisoned nest mates. To learn more about how Combat products work, watch this video or browse our extensive collection of pest-fighting articles.