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4 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Roach-Free

No homeowner likes the idea of roaches sneaking out after dark to clean up those crumbs left on the counter or that spill that was forgotten on the floor. Even worse is the idea of cockroaches that come out in broad daylight to watch hungrily while you cook dinner or eat breakfast. Since the kitchen is typically the most popular room in the house, both for humans and pests, it is critically important to make extra efforts to keep your cockroach population out of your food preparation and eating areas. Here are some sure ways to keep your kitchen as roach free as possible.

1. Be a clean freak.

Let’s face it: roaches are attracted to your kitchen not for the great décor, but for the food. Wipe down all surfaces, such as counters, tables, sinks and appliances, after you use them. Sweep the floor and take out the trash regularly. Give the roaches no reason to hang around your kitchen.

2. Store your water and food properly.

When you suspect a roach issue, make sure that you clean up and put food away properly after all meals and snacks. It is important to store food in appropriate, airtight containers that roaches cannot get through. Eliminate sources of water such as dirty dishes in the sink, and keep microwaves and dishwashers free from food remnants.

3. Check cracks and crevices for crumbs and food particles.

Roaches can access many of those hard-to-reach places that you might not think about cleaning. The dark insides of cupboards that you don’t frequently use, cracks between countertops and the spaces between appliances are all magnet spots for roaches to live and breed.

4. Use roach baits and gels to take care of any remaining roaches.

Sometimes, no matter how spotless you keep your cooking area, how hard you work keeping cracks and crevices clean and how well you store your food, roaches are attracted to your kitchen anyway. In this situation, placing baits strips and stations where you can reach and applying a gel to areas that are difficult to access is a great idea.

When you keep your kitchen clean and take actions to ensure that roaches can’t access your food, you greatly reduce your chance of seeing these pesky insects by day or by night. Combat’s comprehensive line of baits and gels can do wonders when it comes to eliminating a stubborn roach population, but homeowners are still responsible for taking preventative steps to make sure that roaches don’t find a reason to return to the kitchen or anywhere else in the home.