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Most Common Types


The brown recluse spider (genus Loxosceles) is native to the United States, and commonly known as the fiddle-back or violin spider.  


What They Look Like


Brown recluse spiders are smaller spiders, only 1/4th – 1/2 of an inch long. They are usually brown, and just like other spiders; they too have eight light-brown legs.  


Where They Live


Brown recluse spiders are native to the United States and mainly found in the central Midwestern states, especially in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. 


Where They Nest


Inside the home, these spiders can be found in dark spots within baths, garages, closets, cellars, vent and heating conducts. They nest in stored clothes, old books, boxes, furniture, and corners and cracks. 


Steps to Prevent


In order to prevent brown recluse spiders from invading your home, you should make sure to keep places clean, especially those areas of the house that are not frequently used. To help prevent these pests from entering your home, do not pile wood next to the house. Make sure all cracks and crevices are covered so these spiders don’t have a way in. 


Are They Harmful?


The brown recluse bite can cause a necrotic lesion, which means the skin and flesh around the bite break down, creating an open sore for several days.