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Praying Mantises

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Most Common Types


There are 20 species of mantises with the most common being the Carolina mantis. Praying mantises are often confused with other elongated insects like the grasshoppers and crickets.


What They Look Like


Praying mantises are green or brown and measure 0.5 – 0.6 inches long. Their forearms create a “prayer-like” position – hence the name. They have three distinct body regions: head, thorax (where the legs and wings are attached), and abdomen.


Where They Live


Most are found in places with warm temperatures.


Where They Nest


The praying mantis will often nest in something close to its own body color. They often live in plants and are hard to spot due to their camouflaged appearance.


Steps to Prevent


In order to prevent praying mantises from entering your home, be sure to have screens on windows and doors when you leave them open.


Are They Harmful?


No. In fact, many organic gardeners encourage mantises as a form of pest control. Praying mantises eat other insects that might harm your garden.  But be careful! If you try to pick one up, it might bite.