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When You Find Ants In The House Its Time For Combat

While ants might be marching across the land until the end of time, having them in your kitchen isn’t the end of the world. Not if you’re suited up, armed, and ready for combat. But taking on an army of millions in search of water, sweets, gravy, and grease requires fortitude. It requires strategy. It requires a trip to the store for Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips, Source Kill Max Ant Bait, and Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel.

All Combat products work in a similar way. Ants take the bait formulated with food containing nerve or stomach poisons. The poisoned ants make their way back to the nest and the secondary kill factor kicks into gear. The queen and workers in the nest die from eating the bait and from contact with their poisoned nest mates.

The difference between the Combat ant eradicators is their form. All contain powerful ant killers maximized to take out queens, larvae, and workers at their source. Ant Killing Bait Strips are long and thin which makes them perfect for placing along ant entryways like the cracks under sinks and cabinets and along foundations. Source Kill Max Ant Bait comes in bait stations which can be placed around trash cans, on shelves, and behind toilets. Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel comes in an applicator so the bait can be applied in cracks and crevices, next to ant trials, or around nests—anywhere ants are found.

Whatever the form, ants that take the bait wreak havoc on the colony. Their poisoned carcasses continue to wipe out the others and the cascading effect leads all the way up to the queen. Not only is your kitchen ant free, but within a week or so, the colonies in your yard has croaked.