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When It Rains, It Pours... Ants

If you’ve ever gone out for a stroll after a strong rain, you’ve probably had to tip-toe carefully to avoid the mass of soggy worms that litter the sidewalks. Worms, as you may know, make their home in the ground, but when the ground starts to soak up large quantities of water, it’s time for them to seek out higher ground. The same is true for another insect, and unfortunately, it’s one that poses a considerably greater threat to your home and one you’ve probably dealt with before: ants.

Industrious and fast-moving, ants clear out of their complex underground colonies at the first sign of an impending water hazard. They’re naturally drawn to dry, warm locations, and your living space likely meets both of these requirements just perfectly. Once these little pests have gotten familiar with their new indoor surroundings, they start making themselves right at home, treating themselves to any food or water that you haven’t locked down tightly.


Planning for the Season


When you live in areas that are likely to be battered by harsh winter weather, it’s important to prepare your home in a number of ways. One key tip is to bolster your bug defenses, giving ants a tougher time when they try to gain access. Sealing gaps and cracks in your walls, windows, and doors is not only a good idea to keep out the winter chill, but it’s also ideal for keeping ants at bay.

Tiny as they are, ants can maneuver into your home through the smallest of openings. This can make it difficult to ensure true security against the invading colonies, so don’t forget to keep an attack plan in your back pocket to handle those forces that manage to break through.


How to Address Ant Problems


In addition to their speed and strength, ants are also plentiful creatures. Squishing them by the dozen is usually only effective if you consider a few dozen ants to be an infestation. When you’ve got a colony of thousands of ants ready to pour into your home, you need to employ tougher solutions.

Consider pesticide products that are geared toward full-scale ant colony elimination. One tactic you can use is to place ant baits out. High-quality bait solutions are those that allow for individual ants to retrieve poisoned foodstuffs, which they then bring back to the colony to be shared. This allows for a domino-like effect, wiping out workers and queen ants alike and ridding you of your pest problem once and for all.