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What to do if You Find Cockroach Eggs

The last thing you want to see on your kitchen floor is a live cockroach, but can you recognize the signs that you may have cockroaches before you actually see one? Cockroaches carry disgusting bacteria and can survive for long periods of time without food or water. You may see cockroach droppings, which resemble coffee grounds or black pepper. You may also discover a cockroach egg sac, which can range in color from light to dark brown and sometimes reddish in hue.


Use the Right Pesticide to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Should you discover cockroach eggs, you should take immediate action to eradicate the insect population from your home – because if there are cockroach eggs, there are cockroaches who had to lay them. Roaches love to feed on human food scraps, but will feed on books, cardboard boxes, and even draperies if necessary. Immediately begin using a roach bait or gel to kill the roaches residing in your home. With bait strips or gel, you place the bait where you have seen cockroaches or in their common hiding spaces, like under the sink and in the back of cabinets. The bait or gel have an irresistible combination of food with a small amount of insecticide.  Once the cockroaches ingest the gel or bait, they take the poison back to their nest and share it with their nestmates. If you find cockroach eggs, you may be dealing with a few generations of bugs, so the insecticides may need to be in place for several weeks to fully deal with the problem.


Preventing a Cockroach Infestation


By reducing outdoor clutter such as firewood stacks and sealing any gaps between doors and windows, you can reduce the chances of roaches entering your home. It can also help to keep dead shrubs and leaves cleaned up, so the roaches have nowhere to hide outside.

Food is a major attraction to roaches and other bugs. Inside your home, you should keep food storage carefully sealed and inaccessible. Be sure to routinely sweep or vacuum any food particles and wipe away any food residue on surfaces. By cleaning up under the refrigerator, which is a warm place roaches love to hide, you can help prevent cockroaches from laying eggs in the dark, warm spots in the back of your kitchen.