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What Kills Ants?

In the 10th century, the Byzantines compiled a 20-volume book of agricultural lore called Geoponica. When it came to killing ants, these folks were positively medieval. The books suggest killing ants with magic, magnetic loadstones, fire and, that old standby, brimstone.

Now anyone who has shined a magnifying glass on an anthill knows that burning ants will kill them. But modern science has allowed us to leave the brimstone behind. And obviously, ants are pretty easy to kill. I mean we’re not talking about Godzilla here. But if you do decide to kill ants, it’s best to understand what your goals are. Do you want to immediately shut down an assembly line of ants stretching from your back door to the cookie jar? If so, spray them with a window cleaner containing ammonia. Wipe up the kicking, screaming ants with a paper towel and throw it way outside in the trash can. This move will assassinate the ants and disrupt the pheromone trail they follow to the food source. But don’t be surprised if the ant problem returns within an hour. Killing the ants you see does nothing to stop the hundreds more hiding in your house and the millions that are undoubtedly living in your yard.

If you want to never see ants no more again you have to bait them. And like a good fisherman, you have to be patient while you’re waiting for your prey to take the bait. Ant killing bait traps provide a scrumptious mix of enticing ant food blended with a delicious stomach poison. The no-mess traps are easy to use and child resistant. Ants take the bait back to their colonies and within hours, the workers, larvae, and queens are in the throes of death. When the queen is dead, you will be freed from her torments. Now if that ain’t medieval, I don’t know what is.