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What Do Ants Eat in Your Home?

When you notice ants in your home, it can be stressful, and it can feel like they will never go away. You need to understand the types of things ants eat and how to minimize them. Three of the most common places ants find food are on your floor, in and around your trash can, and in the sink. Getting rid of ants takes a targeted cleaning effort and removing their sources of food.


What Kind of Food Is on Your Floor?


Even though you might not see anything there, ants can be attracted to food residue left on your floor. One of the most common things that they’re attracted to are dried up spills of sugary drinks like soda or lemonade. Sugar, bread crumbs, or small cereal pieces can attract hundreds of ants.


A Feast in Your Trash Can


Your trash can contains the leftover food you’re not able to finish and includes many protein-rich foods that ants love. Ants need protein to survive, so they’re attracted to meats, beans, and dairy products. Because most trashcans are not completely sealed, even though they might have a cover, ants can easily find a way to enter your trash and lead the whole colony back to this feast.


Water and Food in Your Sink


A sink is filled with nutrients for ants. Dishes in the sink have food residue on them, and this food can be transferred to the sink surface. The sink is another common site where you might find ants because of the water that lingers there. Ants are also attracted to the carbohydrates and proteins in the leftover food found in the sink.


Quickly Eliminating Ants


To get rid of a colony of ants that have found their way to your floor, trash can, or sink, start by thoroughly cleaning these surfaces. For floors, carefully sweep up any food particles and mop. Take out your trash frequently and clean the outside of the trash receptacle. Clean your dishes immediately after use and clean your sink with a little bleach spray. Cleaning can not only help a lot to get rid of the mess but can also help prevent ants from wanting to enter your home.