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What Are Gnats and How to Keep Them Out Of the House

They may be harmless but gnats can drive you nuts. These tiny insects swarm around your face, fall in your food, and make your fruit bowl buggy. While they may not buzz and they may not bite, gnats can be a nightmare. Males assemble at sunset in large mating swarms called ghosts. And if you think ghosts full of love-struck gnats are bad, each impregnated female gnat can produce 300 eggs. Once hatched, the gnats can live for 4 months producing their own eggs. 300 multiplied by 300 multiplied by 300… well you get the idea. That's a lotta gnats!

Gnats are also called vinegar flies and fruit flies because they are attracted to the vinegary smell of decaying organic matter. Gnat favorites include peaches, bananas and tomatoes left on the counter and potatoes stored in a drawer. If you want to protect your home from gnats you need to deprive them of food. Keep fruit and veggies in the fridge where they'll last longer anyway. Bananas should be washed and thoroughly dried when you bring them home from the store. This will kill any gnat eggs that might be riding the peel into your pad. And a little known fact—once bananas are ripe you can keep them in the produce drawer of you fridge. The skins will turn brown but the fruit will remain fresh for weeks. People also microwave bananas for 10 seconds to kill gnat eggs. Gnats may be a fact of life but there's no reason to make their lives easier. You can prevent a gnat invasion by taking a few simple steps to deprive the tiny swarmers of their favorite fruits.