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The Top 3 Places You’ll Find Ants in Your Home

Spring and summertime are both commonly known as ant season. When the heavy rain begins, the ants start filing into your home to find food and water. You will never rid yourself of your ant problem if you don’t find the sources. Make sure you know the top three places you’ll find ants in your home so you can get rid of them for the season.




The most likely place that you will find an ant infestation is your kitchen. Ants need food and water, and just like humans, the kitchen is the prime source in the home. Just a few crumbs on the counter are enough to make ants swoop in and carry the crumbs away on their backs. Ants are especially attracted to sugar, so anything sweet in the kitchen may become infested. Tiny ant bodies can squeeze through the smallest spaces. You might even find ants inside cereal bags and other foods that haven’t even been opened yet. If you have cups that have or had drinks in them, a single dish in the sink, or overripe fruit, ants will find it. Ants leave a trail that other ants follow. Before freaking out and spraying them with the nearest kitchen cleaner, follow the trail to find where they are coming from. Leave an ant bait station by the opening so they will carry the poison back to their colony.




Your bathroom is another common place for ants to infiltrate. It’s damp, which will attract the ants. After you shower, wash your hands, or brush your teeth, wipe out your tub and sinks to dry them off and reduce moisture as much as possible. Also, check for leaking pipes, and make repairs if necessary.




Bedrooms are a common place for ants to intrude looking for food. People often go longer periods of time not sweeping or vacuuming their bedroom compared to the rest of the home, especially under the bed. If you eat in the bed, you are especially at risk for an ant infestation. Try to keep your room as clean as possible. If you throw damp towels on the floor or cloths in the shower, ants will flock to them. Keep food out of your room so you don’t end up with ants in or under your bed.

Ants are extremely intrusive. Now you know where to look and what to do during ant season to rid your home of an infestation.