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Stock Up on Ant Killer

When cold winds blow and snowflakes fill the air you might find yourself stocking up on sidewalk salt and snow shovels. But while you’re in the store loading up your cart with milk and cookies for a cold winter’s night, don’t forget the ant bait, ant killing gel, and bait strips. What’s that, you say? Ants aren’t a problem in winter. Well, that might be true, depending on where you live. But as spring always follows winter, ant season is just over the horizon. But, it’s important to stock up on ant baits and other summer insecticide necessities to prepare for peak ant invasion months between May and September.

Ants spend their winters hibernating and live off of stored fat while they slumber through the months. When spring arrives, ants wake up hungry and thirsty. While you’re still shaking off winter, the ants are targeting your kitchen. The longer, hotter, and drier the weather, the more ants are motivated to scurry into your house in search of food and water.

If you live in the temperate south or southwestern regions any hot dry period will see a surge in fire ants. When the entire neighborhood is under assault from the stinging, nasty fire breathers, you house will be ant free because you thought ahead.

With the record breaking summer temperatures, think ahead and stock up on ant bait and killer gel. That way you won’t have to worry when ant season comes. And then you can dream of ant-free warm summer nights while you’re out there shoveling snow from the sidewalk.