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When you see a cockroach running across your floor or up your wall you might go through some of the four stages of roach grief; denial—that wasn’t a cockroach, it was a beetle; anger—I’m going to mush that cockroach into a puddle of goo; bargaining—eat what you want little cockroach and then go home; and lastly, acceptance. When you finally admit you have a roach problem, you can get rid of it with Combat.

Don’t bargain with the bugs by inviting them into a roach motel. These sticky traps only kill the roaches in the immediate vicinity. If you see a roaches in your home, it is likely thousands more are nearby. And a single female American cockroach can produce 800 offspring a year. Smaller German cockroaches can make 300,000 nymphs annually. That’s over 800 a day!

If you want to kill these pests where they live, try Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips. Cockroaches are drawn to the poisoned food sources in strips. After eating their fill, they go back to the nest and die. Then the nymphs feed on the poisoned remains of the roaches, killing the entire nest.

If you have a major infestation of cockroaches then you need fast relief. Combat Source Kill Max contains the unique insecticide called Fipronil that kills Roaches hours after consumption. This gives roaches time to return to the nest before it kicks in. After the poisoned roaches die in the nest, the others feed on their tainted feces and dead carcasses (I told you cockroaches were disgusting!). This spreads the poison throughout the colony.

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel contains Fipronil in a tasty form that roaches cannot resist. The gel should be applied around drainpipes, cracks in the foundation, and other places where cockroaches enter your abode from outdoors. As with all Combat products, you will see cockroaches disappear within one or two weeks after application.

Cockroaches will eat anything including garbage and fecal matter. They spread bacteria like Salmonella and Shigella. And roach waste, saliva, and decaying corpses become a fine powder that can trigger allergies and asthma attacks when inhaled. When you see a cockroach, forget the other stages of grief and go right to acceptance. And when you do, get Combat on your side.