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Pest Identification: Shore Bug

Most Common Types

Shore bugs are any of 300 species that constitute the family Saldidae. They are among the insect suborder of Heteroptera.


What They Look Like

Shore bugs are mottled brown and white, or black and white and very small, 3 to 7 mm, or around 0.2 of an inch. They have oval-shaped, flattened bodies, antennae which are longer than the head, and bulging eyes. Adult shore bugs have wings while the immature insects have no wings.


Where They Live

Shore bugs may be found in North America, Eurasia, Africa, and Australia.


Where They Nest:

As the name implies, shore bugs can be found on the sandy shores of most freshwater or saltwater aquatic habitats including ponds, bogs, marshes, springs, and on rocks in streams. When disturbed, shore bugs fly short distances and seek shelter in crevices or under vegetation.


Steps to Prevent

Shore bugs occur prefer to live in nature and are rarely found in human habitats. Prevention measures are unnecessary.


Are They Harmful?

Shore bugs are predators and scavengers that prey on other insects. They are harmless to humans.