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Pest Identification: June Bug

Most Common Types

June bugs, also known as June Beetles and May Beetles, are among 100 species of scarab beetle which include the chafer beetle and the Japanese beetle.


What They Look Like

Sometimes mistaken for cockroaches, June bugs are about ½ inch long and shiny. They may be green, reddish brown, or black in color. June bugs are easily recognized by their hardened forewings which cover the body to protect the delicate flight wings and soft abdomen underneath.


Where They Live

June bugs can be found throughout North America. They live in trees during the day and are often seen flying erratically in large numbers in early summer at dusk. They are attracted to light.


Where They Nest

A female June bug produces around 70 eggs which are laid underground in earthen balls. Whitish grubs, about 1 inch long, emerge from the eggs and feed on roots and organic matter.


Steps to Prevent

June bugs are attracted to light and may fly into homes. Keep window and door screens in good repair and turn off porch lights when the insects are swarming at night.


Are They Harmful?

June bugs are not harmful and rarely warrant control.