Pest Identification

Learn More About the Pests Invading Your Home

Pest Identification is Key to Your Extermination Plan

If you think you have an insect home invasion, it’s best to know your enemy. Before you do anything you’ll want to perform a little insect research to make sure harmless bugs do not become collateral damage in your extermination plan.

When it comes to tiny bugs marching in long lines across your floors and counters, most people do not have a problem identifying ants. However, some homeowners confuse winged ants with winged termites. Up close and personal, ants have pinched “waists” while termites have thick waists and tubular bodies. Winged ants have two sets of wings, large in the front and small in the back. Winged termites have two pairs of same-sized wings. Either way you have trouble.

Winged ants are swarming males looking to mate with a queen who will then set up a colony nearby. If you see such a sight, you should place ant-killing bait stations inside and outside your home. Instead of invading your kitchen, the ants will take the bait home and kill off the entire colony. If you see winged termites, you need to call a professional exterminator. If left unchecked termites can cause major structural damage to your home.

There are many species of bugs that resemble cockroaches, but all them are harmless to humans and require no action on your part. June bugs, ground beetles, and crickets are often misidentified as cockroaches. While cockroaches live on garbage, rotting animals, and feces flowing through sewers, both beetles and crickets are beneficial to the environment and should not be killed. While beetles and Oriental roaches are both shiny and dark in color, beetles have hardened front wings while Oriental roaches have shortened wings or only wing pads. Crickets have front wings that partially or fully cover their abdomens.

If you’ve properly identified a cockroach, then you must take action. As they say, if you see one there’s at least a hundred nearby. Forget the contact killer sprays or roach motels which only kill the insects you see, and purchase some cockroach bait stations. These easy-to-use cockroach killers not only wipe out the roaches you see, but also those living in the nests nearby.