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Pest Identification: Dragonflies

Most Common Types

Dragonflies are the most common member of the Odonata order of carnivorous insects. There are several species in the United States. Dragonflies are considered large flying insects and have been on earth for many, many years.


What They Look Like

Dragonflies have large multifaceted eyes, long thin bodies, and hold their two pairs of wings flat at their sides when at rest. While immature dragonflies are brown or green, adults are very colorful and may be bright red, blue, yellow, or green.


Where They Live

Dragonflies are found throughout the world. They thrive on freshwater and live around marshes, ponds, and slow-moving streams. The fast-flying insects occasionally leave their watery habitat to hunt and may be seen buzzing through fields and other open areas at speeds reaching 30 miles per hour.


Where They Nest

Dragonflies hatch from eggs in freshwater and spend several months to several years as aquatic predators. After molting numerous times, winged adult dragonflies emerge from the water and live through the warm months of summer. When temperatures are below 65°F, the insects hide in vegetation.


Steps to Prevent

Dragonflies live in the wild. They rarely invade homes – only when they accidentally get in through an open door or window. It is not necessary to control their population.


Are They Harmful?

Dragonflies are beneficial insects which eat mosquitos, flies, ants, wasps, and other pests. While tales were once told about dragonflies stabbing or stinging people, these stories are untrue; dragonflies are not harmful to humans.