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Pest Identification: Boxelder Bug

Most Common Types

Boxelder bugs, sometimes known as garage beetles, are the most familiar insect of the Boisea genus.


What They Look Like

Adult boxelder bugs are about a ½ inch long and black with orange or red markings, including three stripes right behind the head. The wings lay flat on the body and overlap to form an “X” pattern.


Where They Live

The boxelder bug is native to North America.


Where They Nest

As their name suggests, boxelder bugs live in box elder trees, along with maple and ash trees. They emerge in trees in spring and leave in the summer and fall to find protected areas during the winter.


Steps to Prevent

Boxelder bugs seek shelter in homes, garages, and outbuildings. Keep window and door screens in good shape, repair or replace damaged screens on roof and soffit vents, and caulk around cracks where pipes and utility wires enter the home.


Are They Harmful?

Nymph and adult boxelder bugs are nuisance pests which often do little damage to tree foliage, flowers, and tender twigs.