Pest Identification

Learn More About the Pests Invading Your Home

Pest Control Begins with You

In a perfect world, bugs would do whatever they do outdoors in nature and you would live snug in your bug-free home. But unless you live on the moon, your home is a magnet for countless pests that either live in the natural environment or thrive on the junk produced by humanity. Don’t despair. There’s a difference between seeing an occasional ant or cockroach and living in an infested abode. And the difference begins with you.

As my dear grandmother once said, “Cleanliness leads to bug-less-ness.” Roaches and ants are attracted to peoples’ homes because the pests are in search of warmth and water. If they find spilled beer, doughnut crumbs, and leftover pizza, well, that’s just a reason for them set up camp and invite their friends. So if you want to get proactive against pests, clean up your home.

Put away food that’s often left on the counters, like bread and baked goods. Store flour, sugar, cereal, and other goodies in airtight containers. You will not only deter roaches and ants but moths, mice, and flies, as well. Clean up food crumbs and grease in those places you never see, or even think about. That means under the refrigerator and behind the stove, including between those icky cracks where the stovetop meets the countertop. Sweep the floors, vacuum the rugs, shake out the couch cushions, and don’t forget to sweep along the baseboards.

Now it’s time to seal up the freeway ramps that pests follow when they invade. Get out the caulk gun and fill in the spaces where your cable TV, electric, and gas lines enter the house. Seal up cracks in door frames, basement windows, and other opening which provide access to ants and roaches. Ants and roaches are also drawn to standing water so fixing leaky faucets and pipes. This not only dries up a source of bug sustenance but saves you money on your water bill.

If you really hate pests and want to further eliminate them from your life, take them on in their own territory. Go outdoors and clean the storage shed and garage. Get rid of old newspapers, grass clippings, those beer cans you’ve been meaning to recycle, and other trash. While you might still see a roach or a few ants, at least you’ll know you did everything you could to make your living space as unwelcoming as possible.