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Kill Roaches in Your Home Once and For All

Back around the first century AD, the Roman writer Pliny the Elder had some advice for those suffering from cockroaches in their grain. Pliny recommended storing grain in a pit and covering it with chalk. Pliny also suggested dressing the grain with the ashes of a cremated weasel.

Two thousand years later and the roaches are still getting into the grain, as well as the cheese, beef jerky, donuts, and potato chips. And if you see a few roaches in your home, there are likely thousands more nearby. A single female American cockroach and her offspring can produce 800 cockroaches in one year. Smaller German cockroaches can make 300,000 nymphs annually. That’s over 800 a day! Luckily for humans— and weasels—we now have a better way to kill roaches in your house once and for all: Combat baits and gels.

Combat Source Kill Max bait stations contain an extremely effective insecticide called Fipronil. Roaches eat the poison and go back to the nest to die. Like a medieval horror show, the other roaches feed on the tainted feces and dead carcasses of their poisoned nest mates. This spreads the insecticide throughout the colony, killing each and every roach.

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel contains bait in an easy-to-use applicator. Squeeze the gel in gaps around drainpipes, cracks in the foundation, and other places where cockroaches enter your home. As with all Combat products, you will see your cockroaches disappear within one or two weeks.

Combat Bait products consist of child-resistant packaging, and require no more work than placing the bait stations around your home where cockroaches are found. The bait works more effectively than contact killer sprays or roach motels, which only kill the roaches in the immediate vicinity. With Combat you won’t have to dig a pit or find a weasel. By knocking off the nests nearby, you’ll go absolutely medieval on the roaches and they won’t have a pit to hide in.