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Kill Cockroaches

How do I hate cockroaches? Let me count the ways. I hate cockroaches in my yard, I hate cockroaches in my garage, I hate cockroaches in my basement, and I especially hate cockroaches in my kitchen. Fortunately I mostly hate roaches from afar because if I see even a single cockroach, I go for Combat. That is, Combat Source Kill Roach Bait, Roach Killing Bait Strips, and Source Kill Max Roach Bait.

The old saying goes if you see one roach a thousand are nearby. That’s because a single female American cockroach can produce 3 to 5 generations year, resulting in around 800 fresh roaches. The smaller German cockroach can produce around 300,000 roaches per year. Hopefully you won’t see more than few roaches in your home but whatever their number, the only way to permanently evict the disease-spreading, filthy critters is to kill them where they live.

Source Kill Bait for small and large roaches contains a knock-out chemical called Hydramethylnon. Roaches are attracted to the baits formulated with this poison but it does not kill them immediately upon ingestion. The roaches live 1 to 4 days, long enough to return to their nest where they transfer the insecticide to their nest mates. This means the roaches that eat the bait die along with those that never come in contact with the bait.

Combat Source Kill Max works a little differently but is equally as deadly. These baits contain the active ingredient, Fipronil, a fast-acting nerve poison which leads to death within 6 to 24 hours. Fipronil is also brought back to the nest by roaches and is transferred to the nest-mates on contact, as well as through feces and cockroach corpses. Fipronil can be used for larger infestations which need to be stopped in a faster timeframe.

Whatever the chemical, Combat bait stations are easy to use and effective. With Combat, you’ll hate cockroaches from afar, which is the best way by far.